Monday, April 26, 2004

I was both peeved and pleased on my campus run this evening, as so often happens at WMU and in Kalamazoo. Having been blocked from driving north on Howard St. between Stadium Drive and W. Michigan, I did a little investigating and found that there is no reason for Howard to be blocked off there. Why this traffic interruption cannot be staged throughout the summer instead is beyond me. Moreover, why Howard, a boulevard in this area, cannot have its southbound lanes split into single two-way lanes to preserve traffic routes near campus is likely due to some mental deficiencies on the part of city traffic engineers, rather than actual malice towards WMU students and residents of the Arcadia neighborhood. I hope.

I was pleased to see several international students playing soccer in the park/field next to Stadium Drive apartments. Good to see some thought went into planning the complex and grounds, and that it actually offers opportunity for recreation. Several residents of our building on Redwood (in the Knollwood neighborhood) last year played cricket in the parking lot, which was interesting though puzzling -- Knollwood park was just a couple blocks away.


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