Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mark Your Calendars

The city's hottest new neighborhood politicos, the New West Side Association and the Ann Arbor Alliance, announce two events that you just can't afford to miss.

New West Fest -- Sunday, September 4, all day, at the Madison House.

Come meet your West Side neighbors, register to vote, and hear some emerging local musicians play sans electric amplification at the Madison House venue. The New West Side Association is a neighborhood association focusing on the social, economic, and political interests of students and renters on the West Side of Ann Arbor. Join and help form a permanent consituency for student and renter interests in Ann Arbor.

Arbour Fest -- Monday, September 5, nighttime at the Arbor Vitae loft.

If you are interested in developing a political voice in your neighborhood, wherever it is in Ann Arbor, come to Arbour Fest on the third floor of the Wazoo building on State St. If you can't make it to New West Fest, celebrate the end of summer at the nexus of town and gown on State Street. This will feature a live electric show of local artists. All ages are invited; all you have to bring is enthusiasm for local music and broad local political participation. Arbour Fest will also feature a voter registration drive. See you there!


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