Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Letter to Jim Chaconas

Jim Chaconas is the leasing agent for McKinley, which owns or manages a crapload of real estate in Ann Arbor. Since Shayani Oriental Rugs is going out of business, the retail building next to the Madison House is going to be available. God, I hope they don't bring in a bank.


Mr. Chaconas --

I live in the house immediately next door to what is now Shayani Oriental Rugs (106 W. Madison). I see that you are handling the leasing of this building and I have heard that several banks have inquired about this property. As a resident of this area, I strongly recommend against bringing a bank into this location. A much better business for this location would be a coffee or sandwich shop. There is a great deal of foot traffic on Madison -- students, faculty, and staff who live in the West Side use this route to go to central campus. (I see THOUSANDS of people walk by this location on football Saturdays.) In addition, this is something of a retail center just on the edge of the DDA area. Todd Leopold of Leopold Bros. has said that the best thing for his business in this location would be a sandwich shop -- the two locations are about 100 meters apart. Washtenaw Dairy is another nearby retail attraction. During the summer, Washtenaw Dairy has groups in the dozens hanging around outside their shop; during the winter people go there for beer, for ice cream, for eggs, and for milk. Less than a block to the south, the South Main Market has a few shops that would not only benefit such a retail business on the corner of Main and Madison, but would also be strengthened by the development of such a food retail cluster. Finally, developing this type of cluster, really a block and a half from the existing downtown, will only strengthen the expansion of "downtown" by drawing pedestrians from the limited number of blocks north of William, and will provide other leasing opportunities for the
nearby properties.

Please give this scenario -- the attraction of an affordable, preferably locally-owned, business serving food and drink to the local neighborhoods -- your consideration. Shayani Oriental Rugs was unable to tap into this foot traffic potential; I am sure a bank will have little to contribute to the neighborhood, either. Please let me know of any questions or concerns you
might have.
Dale Winling


Thank you for the E-mail, we are not talking to any banks. I am also
trying for the same type of business as you inquired about. I am the
agent that put the brewery in there space. Please feel free to inquire
anytime you may like.
Jim Chaconas


Blogger Brandon said...

Ahem. Bar. Bar. Bar.

{Dale, if you bring in a Starbucks or a Great Wraps you are on my shit-list}

6:12 PM  
Blogger accidentalactivist said...

Dude, with your proclivity for binge drinking you should be praying for ANYTHING but a bar.

10:22 AM  

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