Wednesday, January 25, 2006

City Council Drinking Game

Ann Arbor City Hall
Originally uploaded by urbanoasis.
Urban Oasis comes out of hibernation to mix politics and pleasure in Ann Arbor. Inspired by AAiO and Councilmember Lowenstein, we bring you the Ann Arbor City Council Drinking Game. [Note: Game best played with brew or spirits from Leopold Bros.]

When a Public Comment speaker addresses the issue of Palestine, drink.

When a commenter on Palestine significantly or angrily exceeds his/her comment time, drink.

When a councilmember praises the hard work and good intentions of another councilmember, drink.

When a councilmember asks for information from City Administrator Roger Fraser or an opinion on legal matters from City Attorney Stephen Postma, 2 drinks.

When a councilmember refers fondly to a former councilmember who had a lasting impact on the council, finish your drink.

When the council takes a recess or goes into executive session, finish your drink.

When the mayor makes a symbolic vote against a measure that doesn't affect the outcome of the vote, drink.

When a councilmember mentions the idea of neighborhoods to try to defend, explain, or strengthen his/her position on an issue, drink. Examples: "standing up for neighborhoods," "the neighborhoods want," "impact on neighborhoods."

In the ongoing efforts to involve college students and other young residents in the local political process, this Drinking Game is a significant accomplishment. Please add your own thoughts in the comments and in a week or two I'll put together a final set of rules.