Thursday, September 08, 2005

Did someone say "smash hits"?

Yep. It was me and I was speaking about New West Fest and Arbour Fest. Both events together netted about a thousand dollars in donations and a dozen new Ann Arbor voters. Let me throw down at my Flickr account for visuals, but here I count the ways in which they rocked.

1. Chris Bathgate. So I didn't know who this dude was a week ago and now I've seen him perform 3 times in 4 days and he may be my new favorite local act. Great voice, clever lyrics, great range and execution in his music; I just wish he had another CD I could buy.

2. Arbor Vitae loft. A place I'd only heard about, seeing this place was pretty great -- like a hamster maze, as Brandon described it. The creation of late architect/planner Rich Ahern, definitely a top-notch sometimes social spot above Wazoo. When's the next show (including fiddler Sharon and accordionist Sean on the bill)?

3. Flyering. Brandon rocks. He flyered the hell out of Ann Arbor in the week and a half leading up to the shows and it paid off. Nearly a hundred paying customers at the Madison House and about 250 at Arbor Vitae.

4. Leopold Brothers. Todd and Scott hooked us up with a yummy Autumn Ale that kept musicians, volunteers, and fans alike company for the night (along with High Life and Bud from the Diag Party Shoppe). Definitely a big hit with the (21+) kids.

My next objective is a candidate panel in October, wherein the NWS/AAA will start to shape the debate of local politics. Anyone in?